Bing Announces Airport Maps


29, 2011


Today Bing Maps team announced the launch of Airport maps which will join Mall maps in the list of venue maps. Airport maps include information on parking garages, ticket counter location, terminals and gates, baggage claims, currency exchange and more. Also you will also see a sortable directory of airlines, cafes and restaurants.

From Bing blog,

Finding Airport Maps

We’ve made locating airport maps an easy task from your desktop. There are two ways to do this:

1. Just search for the airport (by name, city, or even code) on Bing Maps, and zoom in using map.

2. Search for your flight status on Bing (for example: CO 1665), and click on the map link besides the airport to see its map.

You can also view different levels within your selected venue by clicking the “Level” button at the top of the screen and then selecting the correct level from the provided list.

For now, Bing covers 42 airports across USA. You can find the full list at Bing blog,.

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