Microsoft promises Bing AI chat on Brave and Safari web browsers is coming

August 11, 2023

Microsoft has just revealed that they’re currently working to bring Bing AI chat to Brave and Safari web browsers. 

If you may recall, the Redmond-based tech giant had been gatekeeping its AI-powered search engine for Microsoft Edge users for quite some time. Though, not until recently. The AI chatbot has just arrived on Chrome, Edge’s notable rival in the web browser market, though it came with a few deliberate limitations that only Edge users have. 

Well now, it seems like Microsoft is ready to expand its wings once again. After rolling it out for Chrome, they’re getting ready to release Bing AI chat on other browsers, such as Brave, the privacy-focused Chromium browser, and Apple Safari. Not too long ago, Bing Chat also announced that the app is coming to Chrome and Safari mobile browsers. 

Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s CEO of Advertising & Web Services, was asked by a user on Twitter whether the powerful chatbot is coming to Brave and Safari. In response to that, he said that the app is “absolutely” coming, after a couple of weird UX bugs to fix.

Microsoft initially planned to make Bing Chat an exclusive feature of Edge, but could this be a commercial suicide for them? Well, it could also be a high-risk, high-reward strategy. Microsoft is limiting some of the abilities of Bing Chat on other browsers, which could encourage users who like those features to switch to Edge.

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