Bing Ads now allows US users to test app install ads

November 12, 2016

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Bing Ads has opened up its pilot program for testing app install ads for US users. The program is for Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store, where clicking on the search ads link directly to that app’s download page on its respective store.

The program is for app developers who don’t mind tracking the installs from the search ads. However you must be comfortable with setting up tracking with one of Bing’s certified partners (Appsflyer, Kochava, Tune or Apsalar).

During the pilot, app install ads are available in the web interface, for Bulk Upload and in the API, however not for Bing Ads Editor. For the developers who partake in the program, an App install ad option is available in the “Ad Type” field to create new ads in the interface.

You cannot however sign up online if you are a managed customer. All managed customers must use their account managers to sign up for this pilot. You can sign up for the pilot program here.

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