Bing Ads announces UET integration with Launch by Adobe


1, 2018

Website tags are important for measuring campaign performance. There are many tag management providers who help advertisers in managing multiple tags at once and ensure they stay up to date. Bing Ads yesterday announced its partnership with Adobe to integrate its Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag into Launch, Adobe’s next-generation tag management system.

The UET tag provides several benefits for your Bing Ads campaigns, such as enabling key features like remarketing, conversion tracking, automated bidding and new reporting insights.

“Launch by Adobe is a giant step forward in providing advertisers with a comprehensive tag management solution. Bing Ads was able to quickly integrate into this revolutionary new platform. And advertisers will experience how much easier it is for them to get started and stay up-to-date with our Bing Ads tag,” said Jim La Force, Partner Account Executive on the Bing Ads team.

“We built Launch by Adobe with open APIs so that brands can effortlessly integrate all of their favorite tools to speed up workflows and scale,” said Corey Spencer, Adobe’s Director of Product Management for Adobe Cloud Platform.

Source: Adobe

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