Beware! Skype can be of a serious concern to your privacy


2, 2019

Besides Nokia, Skype proved to be one of the bad acquisitions made by Microsoft. But unlike Nokia, Skype is very much alive, in fact, it still has a significant usage share. Now the thing that is worrying is that Skype usage share is dropping. The scenario might go much worse from here.

According to a recent report from AndroidPolice, Skype users on Android are reporting that the app is automatically answering the Skype calls. This is a serious privacy concern.

It’s worth the mention that Skype let users enable ‘answer incoming calls automatically’ feature in Skype settings. The feature does exactly what it sounds like, it can receive any incoming calls and that requires no pressing on the blue telephone icon. It’s automatic.

The latest Skype bug on Android, however, doesn’t care whether you’ve turned off the ‘answer incoming calls automatically’ feature or not. The bug will answer calls automatically even if you turn off the feature. However, the bug hit a small demographic, meaning there are still a lot of Skype users yet to experience the bug.

Now some good news. Microsoft has already started working on a fix. Some users are also reporting that the latest Skype preview app on Android solved the issue. You can download the preview app from the below link.

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