Microsoft tests better math formatting on Bing Chat

March 30, 2023

After recent additions of features, Microsoft is testing another improvement on Bing with a focus on its math capabilities. According to Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, the company is now testing better math formatting capability for a limited number of Bing users, allowing them to see better delivery of formulas and equations.

Bing Chat is an incredibly versatile chatbot capable of generating various data. Aside from text output, it can now include relevant images in responses and even generate images (and it can also work as a Tamagotchi for you). And in hopes of making the chatbot more flexible and capable of providing efficient responses about different topics, the Redmond company is now trying to enhance its math formatting.

In a recent Twitter post, Parakhin shared that the software giant is trying this to 10% of users who have access to the current version of the new Bing. The plan is to make it available to all modes of the chatbot soon. However, while the feature is now on a flight, it wasn’t clarified by Parakhin whether the test includes the mobile version of Bing.

Meanwhile, Parakhin addressed another query from another user asking for a faster response rate from Bing. According to the executive, the company is “firmly on the quality side for now,” but said there are plans to boost the Balanced mode while focusing on its quality.

In related news, Microsoft recently increased the chat session limit of Bing Chat from 15 to 20, giving it a 200 chat limit per day. Also, the chatbot is expected to get a chat history feature soon, which Microsoft described as “the number one feature request” on Bing. 

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