Battlefield Mobile gameplay has been leaked

September 24, 2021
Battlefield Mobile

After appearing last month on the Google Play Store, we haven’t had to wait long before our first look at Battlefield Mobile, as gameplay has already been leaked. 

The gameplay clips, which have been posted across Reddit (via MP1st) and YouTube, come from Battlefield Mobile’s tests in Indonesia and the Philippines in which players have access to the classic Conquest game mode. 

Taking place on the Grand Bazaar map, the Battlefield Mobile gameplay showcases on foot and vehicle combat, as well as the building destruction which doesn’t look all too bad most of the time. 

As mobile FPS’ go, the urban warfare looks quite impressive, but what’s more important for mobile games is how they control and feel, and we won’t know about that until we get our hands on it next year once it launches. 

Testing for Battlefield Mobile is set to come to more regions later, so if you want the chance to play the game for yourself, then make sure that you pre-register for the game via the Google Play Store when that option becomes available. 

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Battlefield Mobile is due to launch sometime in 2022 for iOS and Android devices, however, EA has not confirmed the exact date when everyone will be able to get their hands on the game.

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