Audio Box Micro Composer – Professional sequencer for your smartphone



Audio Box Micro Composer is an all in one virtual recording studio and sound creation tool for your Pocket PC. It allows you to create your own musical compositions without the need for additional software or dedicated hardware. For a budding musician looking for a quick way to lay down your ideas on the move or who want to create complete compositions this is the only package one needs.

Key Features:
Analog Synthesizer
String Pad Synthesizer
Digital Sampler
Drum Machine
16 Channel Mixing Desk
Real Time Digital Effects
Score and Track Editing
Real Time Device Automation
16bit 44Khz Audio Processing

The video below demonstrates the software in action on an AT&T Fuze.

SoundWord notes that, unlike competing applications on finger-based platforms, stylus use gives better precision and allows the use of desktop metaphors to more easily transfer.

As the software is capable professional-quality, the price is similarly professional level at $45. Buy it from ClickApps here.

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