AT&T’s Power Drum portable wireless charger is not just for iPhone users


2, 2019

The FCC recently released a listing for an AT&T branded wireless phone charger designed to charge and iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

The device has now been listed by the Wireless Power Consortium, indicating the wireless charger is Qi-compatible and should therefore work with any combination of phones and watches that adhere to the Qi standard.

The useful if somewhat ugly gadget holds 3,000 mAh of power and can charge two devices simultaneously at up to 10 watts.

The power bank itself charges via micro-USB and features LEDs to indicate its charging status.

Despite not being specific to iPhones, the prices certainly seems to fit that demographic.  The AT&T Power Drum will retail for $99.99.  It’s ship date has not been released yet.

Via PhoneDog, Pocketnow

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