AT&T HTC Fuze reviewed



WMExperts has put up a full review of the upcoming HTC Fuze, and I think its safe to say they like it. Their conclusion was:

The Fuze is a powerful and polished Windows Mobile smartphone. If you don’t mind needing two hands to type and you’re on AT&T, the only reason I see not to upgrade is if you’re holding out for the Xperia X1. Even compared against the X1, however, the Fuze more than holds its own. The high resolution screen, decent performance, small form factor, and included software mean that it really does deserve the ‘next gen’ moniker I gave it at the beginning of the review.

My quibbles: Battery life is only barely adequate, I wish there was a 3.5mm headset jack, I did experience occasional lag, and I do think that there’s still too much UI dissonance between Windows Mobile and TouchFlo 3D. Experienced Windows Mobile users know how to get around all of those issues, though, and if that’s you, then the Fuze just may be in your future.

Pros Cons
Compact size, despite thickness
Great screen
Good suite of built-in software
3G, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth
Much faster and more responsive than the Tilt
Battery good for a full day at best
Dissonance between TouchFlo 3D and Windows Mobile UI

Overall their score it a solid 4/5 , which I think is a bit low for such a fantastic device, which i think will make most of its users very happy.

In related news it appears some AT&T stores are selling their Fuze’s early, so if you are lucky you may just be able to walk into your local store and pick one up!

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