ASUS’ ROG Phone 4 pictures have leaked online



Images of ASUS’ successor to the ROG Phone 3, presumably to be named the ROG Phone 4, have leaked online. 

Reported by MySmartPrice, an image of the ROG Phone 4 have been spread online. Originating from the Chinese social media platform Weibo, these new looks at the unreleased gaming phone show a slightly altered design over its predecessor.

The image shows a device that definitely stays in line with the detailed look of previous devices in the tech family. ASUS’ phone sports a triple-camera setup, an alleged RGB strip and a mysterious red button on the bottom left, presumably a macro button or Gaming Mode switch.

ROG Phone 4 or ROG Phone 5 Who knows

ROG Phone 5

There is reason to believe that the fourth ROG Phone will be called the ROG Phone 5. Well, there’s more than one reason.

Firstly, the images of what should be called the ROG Phone 4 has a massive “05″ on the back which seems like a dead giveaway.

Secondly, the number 4 in Chinese is considered to be an unlucky number due to it sounding very similar to the Chinese word for death. With China being a huge supporter of the ROG Phone line of devices, Asus might want to be careful with their next product.

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