Archos Announces Its PC Stick Running Windows 10 For $99

Archos PC Stick

The French brand Archos announced its PC Stick product which will go on sale for just $99 in the coming months. It is powered by Intel Quad-core processor, Intel HD Graphics, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and microSD slot for additional storage.

By plugging in the ARCHOS PC Stick to any screen with HDMI-in, such as a television, userswill have a full computer at their fingertips in asplit second. Keyboards, mouses, and other accessories are also connectable to the PC Stick directly via Bluetooth or USB port in order to
interact with the content of the device. Keyboard applications or game controls on Windows, Android, or iOS smartphones and tablets are
also connectable, transforming any smartphone or tablet into a keyboard compatible with the ARCHOS PC Stick.
It is the cheapest Windows based PC Stick announced yet.