Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro has 4GB RAM, suggests Geekbench scores

by Rahul
September 12, 2019

One weird thing about the September 10 iPhone event was that Apple did not mention the RAM while talking about the tech specs of the iPhone Pro and Pro Max. The official tech specs page dedicated to the iPhone Pro and Pro Max also do not have any information about the RAM size.

While we don’t know whether or not Apple purposefully didn’t mention about the RAM, the Geekbench score suggests that iPhone 11 Pro has 4GB of the primary memory.

Now talking about the benchmark score, as you can see in the image above, iPhone 11 Pro is a beast, with a single-core score of 5,472 and a multi-core score of 13,769 — that’s the highest score recorded till date.

On the other hand, it’s big brother, the iPhone 11 Pro will also likely to post similar score as both of them share similar specs, the only difference being battery life and size of the smartphones.

The new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are powered by the new A13 Bionic processor with 8.5 billion transistors. Know more about iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max here.

via: GSMArena

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