When Apple realized they could sell an elastic watch band for $99 it opened the flood gate for selling basic accessories for ridiculous prices to their captive market.

Their latest foray may take the cake, however.  Apple is selling a rather basic iPhone 12 mini Leather Sleeve, similar to what many companies throw in free in the box, for $169 (or $14 x 12 months) .

Of course, the case is Magsafe-enabled and has a cut-out for the lock screen, and is made of “french leather“, but that hardly justifies the price for something which other companies would not charge more than $40 for.

Apple is also selling the MagSafe Duo charger, which appears to be nothing more than a MagSafe charger ($39) connected to an Apple Watch charger ($29) by flimsy plastic, for $129, though of course, this does not include the required 20W USB-C charger ($19).

It is hard to not feel that, in the face of falling iPhone revenue (down 16% YoY), Apple is milking its user base by selling more and more basic accessories for increasingly higher and higher prices, banking on the vanity of iPhone users.

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