Apple’s invasion of enterprise failing as more companies opt for Windows PCs

Apple has been trying to break into the enterprise market with macOS for a while now, even though the company’s operating system isn’t really built for businesses. The company’s devices still power a lot of businesses around the world, specifically in the United States. It’s also trying to get into the enterprise market with iOS. But it seems like the company’s invasion of the enterprise is failing.

According to the latest report from SpiceWorks, more companies are looking to increase their investments on PCs than on Apple’s Mac. Around 15% of companies are looking to increase their investment on Microsoft’s computers and only around 8% of companies are looking to increase their investment on Apple’s Mac. Not to mention, 25% of companies are planning to increase their investments in Dell PCs, 17% on HP PCs, and 13% on Lenovo PCs:

The firm surveyed nearly a thousand IT professionals from companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The report states that 47% of laptops/desktops in workplaces are from Dell, followed by HP at 21%, Lenovo at 14%, Apple at 4%, and Microsoft at 3%. The firm expects investment in desktop computers to remain flat in the next 12 months, although investment in laptop is expected to grow by a whopping 43%. Moreover, it states that investment in tablets and smartphones is expected to see about half the growth of laptops.

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