Apple’s first foldable device may not be an iPhone

January 30, 2023

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We have not yet seen any foldable devices from Apple, but we have heard rumors about the company’s foldable devices multiple times. The expectations were that the Cupertino tech giant would launch a foldable phone first, but it now seems that Apple has other plans.

According to a famous leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is unlikely to release a new regular iPad model this year. Instead, the tech first will reportedly launch its first foldable iPad device sometime next year. Accompanying the foldable device will be an iPad mini refresh. This is not the first time we are hearing about a foldable iPad, but nobody expected it to come before a foldable iPhone.

However, no substantive rumors are backing the specifications of Apple’s upcoming foldable tablet. That said, Kuo claims that it will feature a carbon fiber kickstand. The polishing and bonding supplier of the carbon fiber kickstand for the foldable iPad will be a China-based electronic components manufacturer Anjie Technology. It will be interesting to see how Apple implements the kickstand in the device.

Although specifications are unknown, it is not hard to guess that Apple will use its in-house M Series chip inside the foldable tablet. While more details about the rumored foldable tablet are awaited, Kuo believes it will “boost shipments and improve the product mix.” What is almost guaranteed is that the foldable iPad will get a lot of attention when it debuts in the market. And if no major Android phone makers release a foldable tablet before Apple, it will be even better for the foldable iPad to convince customers to buy it.

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