Apple’s Express Transit feature rolls out in London for faster travel



Apple Pay will now help you get around faster on public transport with a new Express Transit feature. The feature is now currently supported in London by way of TfL (Transport for London).

Express Transit’s goal is to facilitate getting into and out of public transport faster while using Apple Pay and is a recognition of the change in how consumers typically travel. Users will no longer have to authenticate with FaceID or TouchID but will instead tap and pay as if they’re using a regular contactless card. It’s worth noting that Google Pay works similarly on FC equipped Android phones.

Apple also has a new twist. Now users can use their Pay devices to tap out of a station up to 5 hours after the device has lost a charge with Power Reserve. This allows for cases where a user’s device has run out of battery while on the tube, leaving them in a bit of a quandary.

iPhone users will receive a notification alerting them of the new changes.

Source: Apple, Via: ITV

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