Apple’s AR Glasses reportedly “as sleek as hell”, coming sooner than expected

by Surur
May 15, 2020
apple glasses

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We noted yesterday that Apple appears to be ramping up their AR and VR efforts, which recently included the purchase of VR content company NextVR.

Now a new rumour by Ming-Chi Kou said in a note that he expects Apple’s AR Glasses to only ship in 2022.

However, tech analyst Jon Prosser says it is actually coming a lot sooner.

In a tweet he claims to have seen the glasses, saying they were “as sleek as hell” and would hit the market in 2021, significantly earlier than expected.

In fact, he narrowed it down to the  March-June 2021 and suggested he may leak the design soon.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on AR glasses for several years now, and has been quietly laying the groundwork by building AR features and an AR ecosystem of apps into the iPhone. A 2019 rumour suggested that, like Magic Leap, Apple may leave the processing and battery for the headset on the iPhone, and tether to the glasses via a cord.

It is unclear if the COVID-19 crisis will impact on the development of the headset. Earlier rumours have suggested Apple may deliver a VR headset before the arrival of the AR headset, suggesting we will see the fruits of Apple’s long development sooner rather than later.

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