Apple takes a hypocritical jab at Google and Amazon with CES privacy banner


6, 2019

Author Anmol // in Apple

CES 2019 is kicking off next week and we can expect to see what companies have in stock for us at the biggest tech convention of the year. While CES is still undergoing the final preparation stages, companies have started putting up their content and what we could expect from them next week.

One company which traditionally does not show up is Apple, but that did not stop Apple being one of the first to put up banners and they did not shy away from taking a jab at Google and Amazon. Both Google and Amazon have been under the spotlight recently for their privacy practices and it proved to be a perfect opportunity for Apple to target them.

Of course, Apple itself is no saint as the company has been criticized a lot in the past for their policies and the data breaches. Apple was recently caught accessing the phone logs of iPhone users and was earlier in the news for allowing Uber to record the iPhone screen. Saving best for the last, no one could forget the Celebgate which leaked private photos of over 100 celebrities.

The bottom line is no company is saint and everyone has a past. While Apple decided to mock companies like Google, Amazon and even Facebook, the company may need to remove the log from their own eyes first.

Via: The Verge

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