Apple SVP Phil Schiller Thinks 2-in-1 Device Market May Not Be Growing To Anything Significant

Surface-Pro-4-image-4 (Small)

In an interview to Mashable, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple dismissed the idea of growing 2-in-1 devices market. Even though he didn’t name Microsoft Surface, he was clearly talking about it. He thinks hybrid devices like Surface Pro won’t sell in big numbers like iPad or Mac.

“There certainly are more offerings today, more people trying to create a market. But based on all the data that I’ve been able to see, it is still incredibly small and niche and may not be growing to anything significant. Time will tell.”

But the irony here is that Apple recently announced iPad Pro, a Surface Pro clone with almost identical feature set like keyboard cover, stylus support, larger screen than a regular tablet and more. In a couple of years or so, we will come to know whether Phil Schiller is correct about the 2-in-1 device market.