Apple messed up again and this time it’s your front door they left unlocked!

Oh dear. Apple appears to be in the habit of leaving their users exposed to whichever villainous person happens to pass by.

Last time we described Apple’s approach to security to be the same as leaving your door unlocked in a quiet area – OK until some-one nefarious comes along and actually tries the door.

Little did we know a week later Apple would actually be leaving physical doors open to hackers.

9to5Mac reports that Apple’s Homekit has a vulnerability which would allow hackers to unlock your smart-lock-equipped doors, switch your thermostat on and off or mess in any way they wanted with your smart home.

The vulnerability has not been described and has been patched via a server-side update which also disables sharing access keys with others (leaving me to assume that this is where the hole is), but it does make for a rather torrid series of security bad news for the Cupertino company.

Apple will be pushing a more permanent fix with iOS 11.2 next week which should restore full functionality and correct the issue.

Given the issues, however, users may want to think differently about trusting all their worldly possessions to Apple.

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