Apex Legends has announced they’ve hit the 100 million player milestone in a remarkably obnoxious Twitter video.

The video starts off with a cacophony of sound, taken from gameplay across Apex Legend’s life cycle, before thankfully becoming more watchable with a more typical trailer montage. 

Thankfully, the sentiment of the trailers “Thank you Legends” message isn’t lost over the overlapping voices who have helped broadcast the game to the heights it has reached. 

Just before the video can end with the message “And we are just getting started 4.19.21” there’s a sneak peek at some of the changes that might be coming to the map. 

Twitter’s compression doesn’t make it easy to tell what’s going on, especially alongside how short the peek was, but it looks like a transformation to one of the map areas, though there’s plenty of speculation on Twitter that this might be an arena mode for 2v2 or 3v3 combat. 

With season nine steadily approaching, the date announced at the end of the trailer might just be when we get more details about the upcoming season. 

Until then, the War Games event is still running in Apex Legends until April 27th for the 100 million players to enjoy.