Apex Legends has given us hints of what’s to come in the upcoming season Apex Legends Legacy, such as the new Bocek bow, new legend Valkyrie, and a new “arenas” mode.

After initially being leaked several months ago, the long-awaited arena mode for Apex Legends looks to be finally arriving, as a Simulacrum from Titanfall 2 announces “Welcome to the Legacy of the Apex Predators, welcome to the Arenas” in the launch trailer.

The latest Apex Legends Season is looking to be jam-packed with content thanks to this entirely new mode, which little is known about at the moment. For the time being, we do at least know about the new Bocek bow and legend Valkrie arriving in the season, both looking like tons of fun.

Despite being titled a launch trailer, we’re not actually set to see the launch of Apex Legends Legacy until May 4th. On this date we’re also expecting to see a gameplay reveal for the arena mode, which you can no doubt watch while downloading the update.