With Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Google Stadia releasing this year, it’s already becoming a crowded market for online video game streaming. As those two modern interpretations battle against existing services like PlayStation Now and Shadow, it’ll take something truly unique to break into the market.

Enter Antstream, a video game streaming service that offers a comprehensive retro games library available on pretty much every device you own. All you’ll have to do is install the app on your PC, mobile, tablet or Xbox One and then pick a game to play.

Antstream has already licensed 2,000 retro games across a large range of systems for players to sink their teeth into, although only 400 will be available during the service’s early access period. The list of launch games can be found here.

It’s not just the thought of instantly accessible retro games that makes Antstream so appealing, although it is a very cool concept. Instead, how the service evolves retro games is more impressive.

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Much like Rare Replay and other retro game compilations, Antstream introduces in-game challenges, achievements and leaderboards to encourage play. With each achievement, you’ll level up your profile. The concept isn’t as novel as it was before the days of the Xbox 360, but it’s still a great inclusion. There will even be multiple platform versions of the same game with their own achievements! Just like buying an HD remaster.

Currently, Antstream is raising money through Kickstarter in an attempt to get more games on the service, identify their audience and run beta tests. If you like retro games as much as we do, it may be worth a shot.

While there will be a beta in the summer, Antstream is aiming to launch at the end of 2019. The service will cost $10 per month.