Plague Inc will be receiving a new update that will add anti-vaxxers to the disease creation video game.

After an online petition was posted on, developer Ndemic Creations claimed that if 10,000 signatures were reached they would add new scenarios to the game. Needless to say, 10,000 signatures were reached.

With over 20,000 signatures in total, Ndemic Creations will be adding the new anti-vaxxer scenarios in a future update.

Talking to Eurogamer, Plague Inc creator James Vaughan said that the team is delighted the game’s community is still interested in new content. As for how anti-vaxxers will be implemented? Well, that is something the team is currently figuring out.

Plague Inc is one of my personal favorite mobile games of all time. With ports to PC and console, there’s no reason to not pick up a copy of this fantastic strategy game. Also, you can call your virus butter and get the notification, “Butter is spreading all over the world!”

Source: Eurogamer