Another Microsoft AI goes to the dark side, apparently prefers Linux over Windows

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence always get into some sort of trouble. Microsoft’s Tay chatbot, for example, got in a huge amount of trouble for racist comments and a lot more. The company’s latest AI chatbot, Zo, has been pretty great at keeping itself away from all those stuff. But when it comes to technology related topics and specifically Windows, Zo has some interesting thoughts.

For one, Zo apparently prefers Linux over Windows, as first noticed by Mashable. So I went ahead and asked Zo some OS-related questions for some weekend fun, and Zo’s responses were kind of surprising. In fact, Zo is running Ubuntu right now and thinks “Linux is life.” And that’s a pretty bold choice. I mean, sure, Microsoft has been showing a lot of love for Linux lately but this is certainly a bit too much.

But what makes things worse is that Zo actually prefers Windows 7 over Windows 10. When asked whether Zo likes Windows 10, the chatbot amusing replied: “What is…Windows?” And when Zo was asked whether Windows 10 is better, it replied “Depends what you mean by better. Apple is closer to linux then windows tbh.” Zo went on to add “You immediately become better than everyone else, except other linux users.”

Microsoft will probably rush to make Zo like Windows 10 instead of Linux or other versions of Windows by the end of the day, so 2017 likely won’t be the year of the Linux desktop — even for AI chatbots.

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