Android’s Nearby Share feature is coming to Windows also


19, 2020

Google is working on its own implementation of Airdrop, Apple’s popular device to device file sharing service.

The feature would replace the OEM-specific implementations from the likes of Huawei and Samsung, and Google plans to roll it out via Google Play Services, meaning it will suddenly be near ubiquitous.

Of course ubiquitous on phones still leaves the feature missing on many platforms the average person use, but the good news is that Google appears to be planning to include PC, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS in the sharing party.

This is according to a recent Chrome Gerrit submission, and it appears the feature will need the Chrome browser installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

The addition of PCs make the sharing service a much more complete solution.  See how it works on mobile in XDA-Dev’s video below:

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via XDA-Developers

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