Amazon has announced Alexa for Business. The digital assistant will soon enable businesses to create voice apps, thanks to Alexa Blueprint template. The best part is businesses don’t have to hire a programmer to create such apps as it requires no coding skills. These voice apps, however, will not be accessible on devices outside of the business.

For those unaware, Alexa Blueprints enables you to create your own customized voice skills. Also, you can customize Alexa responses. Alexa Blueprints are not new to the consumers, Amazon launched it last year in the month of April, but back then this was limited to consumers.

And now that it is making its debut in the office room, businesses will also be able to take advantage of Alexa Blueprints. Some of the skills which you can add are “What’s the guest WiFi password,” “When does open enrollment start?” and “How do I set up email on my phone?” You’ll then need to set an answer for each question. And now Alexa knows what’s the guest WiFi password, and it can answer it to anyone with appropriate privilege.

“The expansion of Skill Blueprints to businesses brings the power of voice and AI to the workplace and builds on the numerous fun templates already available to customers today,” Amazon said in the announcement.

Via: Engadget