Amazon to increase Prime membership fees in Europe

July 26, 2022

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In an email to customers, Amazon announced that it would increase the price of its annual Prime subscription in September by up to 43% in Europe. Amazon’s announcement comes two days before its Q2 earnings results. The changes take effect from September 15 in European markets.

Amazon has told Reuters that the price increase is due to multiple factors, including inflation, operating costs, faster delivery, and more content to stream. Earlier this year, the e-commerce giant increased its Prime subscription price to $139, up from $119. However, the price hike in Europe is not equal everywhere in the region.

In the United Kingdom, the Prime subscription has gone from £79 to £95, effective from September. In Italy and France, customers will face a 36% and 43% increase, respectively. In France, the price has gone from 69 euros to 89.90, while in Italy, the Prime subscription will now cost 49.90 euros, up from 36 euros. These are the annual Amazon Prime price increases across Europe:

  • UK – £79 to £95, a 20 percent increase
  • France – €49 to €69.90, a 43 percent increase
  • Germany – €69 to €89.90, a 30 percent increase
  • Italy – €36 to €49.90, a 39 percent increase
  • Spain – €36 to €49.90, a 39 percent increase

Apart from the annual subscription charge, the new price increase will also impact the monthly subscription plan. The monthly cost will also increase by £1 or 1 euro per month in European markets.

An Amazon Prime subscription brings with it several benefits, including free one-day shipping on purchases, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, and other Amazon digital platforms and services. And now, those who get a Prime subscription or renew their existing one in Europe on the said date will have to pay more to enjoy these benefits.

If you are based in Europe, what do you think about the price increase in your region? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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