Amazon: Last day to score a discounted Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy Note 9

Today is the last day of Amazon’s annual Spring Sale, but don’t let that deter you, as the online retailer has some big sales going out the door.

If you are a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, and are not looking forward to the hefty price tag rumored to be attached to the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro (about $1000 and $1200 respectively), you should take a look at these deals for last years Galaxy Note 9 and 2017’s Galaxy Note 8.

Both are very capable devices, with tons of RAM and more storage than you could possibly use. While either device would be a great buy, it should be noted that the Note 9 does feature a few upgrades, such as a larger screen, better camera, and bluetooth on the stylus. You can check out the deals below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64 GB – Midnight Black with 64GB Memory Card – £479.99 (39% off)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB- Midnight Black – £699.99 (22% off)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB – Ocean Blue – £849.99 (23% off)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB – Midnight Black – £849.99 (23% off)

And if the smaller Galaxy S9 tickles your fancy, you can find a deal for that device here.

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