little girl pointing an object being projected by Amazon Glow on projection mat
Amazon Glow

The pandemic has indeed made significant changes to how we are living these lives today, especially in how we communicate with our loved ones away from us. Amazon found a way to improve that experience through Glow, an interactive projector and video calling device. And to make it more accessible for everyone, Amazon is now offering it today with a price slash that can save you up to $50.


  • Device Size: 5.6” x 5.4” x 14.2” (141 mm x 138 mm x 361 mm)
  • Device Weight: 57 oz (1615 g)
  • Mat Size: 18.2” x 12.1” x 0.04” (462 mm x 306 mm x 1.0 mm)
  • LCD Display: 8” high-definition touchscreen (1280 x 800 resolution)
  • Cameras: 720p HD profile and projector cameras with built-in shutter
  • WiFi Connectivity: Dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio: 10W speaker
  • Alexa built-in: No

Features and Highlights:

  • Amazon Glow provides a video calling and interactive entertainment system adult family members can use to interact with kids at home.
  • The 19.2″ projection gives the children a touch-sensitive space where they can flip animated ebooks, draw images, and solve puzzles.
  • Parents and guardians can guide the children as they read and perform fun activities through Glow’s built-in speaker and 720p HD profile and projector cameras with a built-in shutter.
  • The Amazon Kids+ subscription is needed to access tons of games, books, and other interactive activities.
  • Glow can turn a favorite toy into a digital sticker for art activities or into pieces of a custom jigsaw puzzle. Simply scan the toy by placing it on the projection mat.

Amazon Glow is one of the best devices parents and guardians can use to keep connected to their kids when they are away from home. It has an 8-inch touchscreen with 1280 x 800 resolution and a built-in speaker, making it a portable device that can work like any other existing tablets or mobiles you have at home. But the big selling point of Glow lies in its ability to promote unique interactions between the child and the adult calling using other devices.

Amazon Glow can also work like a projector by producing images on the projection mat included in the package. This gives the child a 19.2″ touch-sensitive projection space to play on and solve puzzles physically using the Tangram Bits of the Glow. This opens a new world of possibility for parents and guardians who want to experience better interactions with children on the other end of the call. The area makes it possible for the kids to read ebooks with monitoring adults on the screen, draw images, and even play games.

Glow works with Amazon Kids+, allowing it to provide numerous activities for kids to play and do during the calls. The subscription gives access to thousands of children’s books, dozens of themed art packs, and boatloads of games. Apart from the attractive visuals, Amazon also ensured that the activities would be familiar and engaging for kids by presenting famous cartoon characters and movies. It includes Toy Story, Frozen, and Moana for the Animated Storybooks; SpongeBob SquarePants in jigsaw puzzle games and Barbie in Crazy Eights; and Sesame Street’s Elmo and Big Bird in interactive drawing activities.

To ensure privacy, on the other hand, the camera comes with a shutter that can be closed anytime. Parents are also given control using the Amazon Parent Dashboard, and they can choose the only contacts the children can call through the Glow.

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