All developers can now release apps and bots for Microsoft Teams

May 10, 2017

Microsoft Teams launched publicly just a few months ago, and Microsoft has been releasing substantial updates to its new service since then. Just last week at its Microsoft Education event, the company announced some educational-related features that are coming to Teams. At Build 2017 today, Microsoft is announcing another set of updates coming to Teams.

First things first: developers can now publish apps for Microsoft Teams through the Office Store. Microsoft is adding a new app discovery experience in Microsoft Teams which will allow users and teams to easily find new apps for Microsoft Teams. Once developers publish their apps through the Office Store, teams and users will be able to add them to their channels and teams — from there, they can use the app to do a bunch of cool things such as getting automatic updates from a certain endpoint, and more.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also introducing two new capabilities for apps in preview: Compose extensions and third-party notifications in the activity feed. Compose extensions are essentially small flyouts that open when you click on an app under the compose editor in a conversation — from there, you can get information from the app or interact with whatever feature the developer decides to integrate into the flyout.

Microsoft is also bringing Actionable Messages into Microsoft Teams. Actionable Messages in Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 services essentially allows users to interact with a message. Microsoft is teaming up with Salesforce, Freshdesk, Wrike and other companies to bring Actionable Messages into Microsoft Teams as well as some other Office 365 apps.  The company is also bringing Microsoft Teams APIs to Microsoft Graph as a preview which will allow developers to access information about a certain team or channel using the integration.

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