SEGA and Feral Interactive have announced that Alien: Isolation is coming to iOS and Android on Thursday the 16th of December 2021. 

While this might seem like a baffling choice of a game to bring to mobile, Feral Interactive seem to know what they’re doing, claiming that Creative Assembly’s sci-fi masterpiece has been “faithfully replicated for phones and tablets,” without compromise. 

In a press release, Feral Interactive explained that this new mobile version of Alien: Isolation will have a “bespoke, fully customisable interface,” that will allow players to fine-tune the game to their own playstyle. This mobile release will also support gamepads if you want to play that way. 

To make this mobile release of Alien: Isolation worth you £12.99, Feral Interactive is also including all seven of the game’s DLC Packs such as Last Survivor and Crew Expendable.

Feral Interactive has previously handled the iOS release of the XCOM 2 Collection which we thoroughly enjoyed. In our review, we called it “ the best conversion you could imagine for this beloved tactics game.”