Alex Kipman Reveals Why Microsoft Has Not Released HoloLens Consumer Version Yet


At this year’s TED conference in Vancouver, Alex Kipman did the most impressive demo of HoloLens yet. Speaking to the media at the TED, Alex Kipman spoke about when HoloLens will be released to general consumers.

“When I feel the world is ready, then we will allow normal people to buy it, It could be as soon as we say ‘yes,’ and it could be as long as a ‘very long time.’”

He also confirmed that HoloLens hardware is already consumer-ready and there’s nothing development kit-ish about it. He said that apart from the hardware, Microsoft needs to get ready the content.

“If a consumer bought it today, they would have 12 things to do with it, And they would say ‘Cool, I bought a $3,000 product that I can do 12 things with and now it is collecting dust.’”

I think Microsoft is trying to avoid the mistake they did with Kinect sensor. Kinect went on to sell 10 million units in 60 days, but lack of enough and compelling content made it a failure eventually. With HoloLens, Microsoft is already developing lots of different content both in-house and by partnering with various other companies.

When asked whether Microsoft is okay if Meta, Magic Leap or another company brings its tech to market first, he said Microsoft is in no rush and when HoloLens hits the market, it is a product that consumers find very useful.