Airyware Tuner 1.3 for Windows Phone – now with 900+ instrument tunings

Airyware Tuner is a professional orchestral strobe tuner for string and wind musical instruments. Like many other chromatic tuners it listens to the note you play, and then displays how far out of tune the pitch is. What is so special about Airyware Tuner? It simply does the job better. This tuner is built on 64-bit NeatTimbreâ„¢ DSP engine and optimized for Windows Phone hardware so all saved CPU cycles are effectively used to run complex algorithms of spectrum analysis. As a result, it detects pitches faster and preciser.
Version 1.3 adds a direct support for more than 400 instruments and more than 900 different tunings in total. For example, there are 14 alternative tunings for violin, 19 for hardingfele, 70 for 6-string guitar. You can organize your instruments and tunings into quickly accessible, short list of favorite presets – a helpful feature not commonly found in other tuners. The active preset is displayed on the screen as a several tappable buttons. Tapping or holding the button causes correspondingly single or triple playback of the note – very handy if you are tuning by ear or just want to explore tunings. Airyware NeatTimbreâ„¢ DSP engine also got upgraded to the new version. Claimed precision stands this tuner out as a device suitable for instrument repairs. For example, now you can easily fix the intonation of your guitar without a help of an expert. The app runs on all OS versions including latest Windows Phone 8.0 devices.

Main feature list:Airyware Tuner 1.3 • 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
• up to 0.1 cent accuracy
• belt-gauge indicator
• stroboscopic indicator
• high-contrast display
• ref. A4 ± 50 cents: ~ 428…453 Hz
• calibrated pitch audition: C2…B4
• internal microphone support
• headset microphone support
• ambient noise reduction
• 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
• target note audition: C0…B7
• favorite tunings
• feature request gateway

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Marketplace: Airyware Tuner 1.3.
Price: $4.99
Trial: yes, fully functional, ad-free.