AI for Travel Planning: 6 Tools for the Perfect Trip

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ai for travel planning

Using AI for travel planning can remove the stress and effort associated with organizing trips. This gives you more time to focus on the experience and maybe even travel more often.

I tested more than 20 AI tools for travel planning, and here are the ones that truly stood out.

Best AI for Travel Planning

1. Roam Around

Roam Around AI for travel planning

Roam Around is a great AI tool for travel planning that can save you valuable time.

Roam Around setting dates

This app uses the latest tech to offer personalized trips based on your preferences and interests.

Roam Around trip recommendation

To use it, you need to tell the app what city you want to visit, how many days you want to be there, and how much time you want to spend sightseeing each day.

Roam Around itinerary

The AI for travel planning uses this information to generate a personalized travel plan, including must-see attractions.

Roam Around modify each day

Each itinerary you create includes a helpful summary of the respective day’s activities.

Roam Around recommendations

This makes navigating simpler and allows you to focus on the city and not on planning.

Roam Around Paris france with trip bookmarks

You can also save the trip as a PDF, download it to your PC, or download the app and have the entire plan in your pocket.


  • The itinerary is well-though-out and offers relevant information
  • Useful suggestions for attractions, restaurants, activities, etc.
  • A simple website with a well-designed interface
  • Trusted by millions of users across the globe


  • Some distances between locations can be faulty
  • Users mentioned that occasionally, the information provided about hotel availability was incorrect

2. Wonderplan

Wonderplan interface

Wonderplan is an AI tool for travel planning that stood out during my testing because of its personalized trip recommendations.

Wonderplan preferences

It can help you generate a full itinerary for your trip based on your preferences, requirements, and goals.

Wonderplan trip length

To make the AI work for you, you must share your travel details and watch as your itinerary is created.

Wonderplan activities

This tool makes it convenient to travel to other countries and explore their culture in the best way possible.

Wonderplan map with itinerary

The level of personalization in Wonderplan also surprised me.


  • Creates a simple-to-follow personalized travel plan
  • It has a good range of travel preferences and experience settings
  • Suggests ideal locations, accommodations, and activities with AI
  • Simplifies the travel planning process


  • The AI might occasionally ignore some of the preferences

3. PLAN by ixigo

PLAN interface

PLAN, an AI travel planner created by ixigo, is another great software option.

PLAN location

More than 11 million explorers use this tool.

PLAN suggestions

This app will create amazing itineraries based on your travel desires, including your budget, interests, and dates. What makes it special is the well-rounded suggestions.

PLAN itinerary

The tool is also free to use.

PLAN detailed view of day 2

The dynamic personalization features allow it to create in-detail schedules, making the app very useful.


  • Finds great services for affordable prices
  • Offers information about the best price and a seamless experience
  • It includes a 30% payment policy feature
  • Offers users secure browsing and payment features


  • Some users have encountered issues with customer service

4. Curiosio

curiosio interface

Curiosio is an AI for travel planning with high levels of intelligence. It can help you easily create smart itineraries for your trips.

curiosio choosen France

It’s powered by a one-of-a-kind vertical AI technology called Ingeenee.

curiosio customization

Curiosio helps you plan your travels depending on your budget, needs, wants, and curiosity.

curiosio results

You can tell it what you’re interested in, like scenery, culture, etc., and add details about your trip, like destination, dates, and more.

curiosio results with map

After just a short waiting time, Curiosio gives you an easily accessible itinerary that fits your requirements.

curiosio day itinerary

The POI radar included in the app, the compass, and destination gaming features make it stand out from the crowd.


  • Smart search engine with amazing features for itinerary generation
  • It’s powered by a one-of-a-kind AI called Ingeenee
  • Helps with identifying special places to visit on your trips
  • Includes a POI radar, compass, and destination gaming features


  • As the tool is relatively new, the developers are still implementing features
  • Some of the features might be limited in usage

5. interface is a comprehensive AI-powered travel assistant to help you easily plan trips.

To offer the best services, it uses your profile preferences and data analysis to generate a customized vacation plan. location

All you have to do is set the locations you want to travel to, which airlines you prefer, and even your budget. This process is very fast and effective. right time to travel

You can even choose the temperature and scenery you want for your trip. temperature

The AI handles hotel bookings, flight reservations, and suggests tourist destinations you must see. flight options

I included this app in the list because of its capacity to plan every aspect of your vacation from one hub. detailed view of flight option

Even though the tool is new and only works for US-based locations at the moment, the developers are working on expanding its capabilities.


  • All-in-one travel planner with great features
  • It uses preferences and data analysis for custom-made plans
  • It also includes hotel bookings, flight reservations, etc.
  • Full services for a complete vacation


  • Some bugs need to be addressed
  • It only works in the US

6. ViaChat AI Travel Planner

ViaChat interface

ViaChat from ViaTravelers is one of the best AI-powered travel planning apps on the market.

ViaChat 1st prompt

It uses artificial intelligence to create complete itineraries, making the entire process more accessible and fast.

ViaChat 1st prompt results

You can choose specific flights and other travel necessities depending on your budget and preferences.

ViaChat itinerary

Instead of exploring the web manually to find the best travel setup for your trip, ViaChat offers everything you need in one tool.

ViaChat hotels

To use it optimally, you need to input any information about your trip, such as your destination, budget, and the theme of the journey.

ViaChat food

The AI will consider these elements and offer you some great recommendations.


  • It creates custom itineraries
  • Simplifies the planning process for any trip
  • You can choose flights and other travel requirements
  • Offers a more targeted approach than other tools


  • The results are limited and confusing at times
  • Requires a GPT Plus membership for some more advanced features

How To Plan a Trip with AI

Here’s a short demonstration with ViaChat:

  1. Open ViaChat from ViaTravelers in your preferred browser.
  2. Type the information you want the AI to help you with, or choose from the pre-created questions.
  3. As I’m planning a trip to Paris, I’ll start with the following prompt: ”What is the best time to visit Paris considering the weather and tourist crowd?”ViaChat AI Trip Planner 1st prompt
  4. The AI has responded with exact and helpful information to my prompt.ViaChat AI Travel planner response to first prompt
  5. For the second prompt, I asked it to create an entire itinerary for a 7-day trip. Here’s the result:ViaChat AI Travel Planner prompt 2
  6. I continued my task list, asking about affordable hotels in Paris close to the city center. Here’s the result:ViaChat Ai Travel prompt 3
  7. I also wanted to know what food I should explore for the perfect French experience:ViaChat Travel Planner food in Paris
  8. Start packing!

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Planning your trips with customized settings has never been easier! Using AI for travel planning makes the entire process stress-free.

Choose the perfect travel companion by exploring this software! Feel free to share your choice in the comment section below.

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