AI for LinkedIn Profile Picture: 6 Amazing Picks

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AI for linkedin profile picture

Have you heard that you can use AI for LinkedIn profile picture creation but don’t know where to start? It’s your lucky day since I’ve already gone through the trouble of using various solutions for this purpose. Tag along as I present the best ones.

Best AI Generators for LinkedIn Profile Pictures

I’ll start by underlining that all solutions are continuously developed. This means mistakes can occur, so be cautious when using AI to generate profile pictures.

Some AI generators on this list can create profile pictures from scratch. Others require you to upload existing photos, which they manipulate with their AI model.

1. Profile Pic Maker

Profile Pic Maker AI for linkedin profile picture

If you want to enhance your LinkedIn profile picture or create a hundred or more variations, Profile Pic Maker should be your choice.

The usage is simple and intuitive. You must provide a photo of the LinkedIn account owner, and the AI handles the rest.

There are two different features suitable for a LinkedIn profile picture:

  • Background changing and enhancing
  • AI Profile Pic Maker

The first option is free but still gives decent results. It doesn’t alter the face on the photo, just the background. However, it does it with high precision.

If you want to create bulk LinkedIn profile pictures, the second option is just for you. There’s a Professional LinkedIn preset, so you don’t have to handle additional settings.

Simple and intuitive interfaceAI profile picture generation isn’t free
Generate bulk of profile pictures
Change the background on an existing picture
Built-in editor for additional adjustments

2. Fotor

Fotor AI for linkedin profile picture

Fotor is a universal photo editor which also includes many AI features. One of these is AI avatar creation.

Unlike many competitors, it supports realistic outputs, making it suitable for LinkedIn profile pictures. This preset is called Professional Style.

The whole process rolls down into three steps.

The first and crucial step is uploading photos. You must provide between 4 and 15 existing photos to get the result. The more photos you provide, the better output you’ll have.

There are examples of (un)suitable in Fotor, so although it can take some time, it shouldn’t be difficult.

After you feed the model with images of the LinkedIn account holder, you must select the gender.

The final step is generation. With one set of photos, you can generate up to 200 pictures suitable for a LinkedIn profile!

Easy three-step processThere’s no free plan
Highly realistic outputYou’ll have to provide at least 4 photos
You can use other Fotor features for post-processing
Guidance with examples of suitable photos

3. AI for linkedin profile picture

If you’re after a free generator for your LinkedIn profile picture, won’t disappoint!

Provide a photo that you wish to customize, center, and generate. There are 5 Canvas types you can use:

  • Circle
  • Viber
  • Square (Suitable for LinkedIn)
  • Rounded (Suitable for LinkedIn)
  • Instagram

The styles are divided across a few categories, but I recommend you choose one from Trends. I don’t find other categories suitable for LinkedIn profile pictures.

Pictures can be customized in a built-in editor, which is also very simple and intuitive. However, it has a decent number of features, including layers.

Free to useAds appear while using it
5 Canvas typesThere’s no AI picture-generation feature
Dozens of styles (many suitable for LinkedIn)
Simple built-in editor

4. Generated Photos

Generated Photos AI for linkedin profile picture

Remember how I said there are two approaches to generating a LinkedIn profile picture with AI? Well, Generated Photos covers them both!

It has Face Generator and Anonymizer features. In other words, you can use it to create profile pictures from scratch and anonymize existing ones.

The interface is impressive, covering all settings needed while creating a perfect face image. Age, skin tone, hair length, and many other settings are combined for simple usage.

Protecting identity online is often a priority. With Anonymizer, you can create variations of the face image, which you can later use for LinkedIn profile pictures.

Impressive interfaceFace Generator isn’t free
Face Generator and AnonymizerYou can’t generate faces based on image input
Highly realistic resultsYou’ll probably have to use another tool to fine-tune photos for profile picture
A random face-generation option is available

5. Face Studio

Face Studio AI for linkedin profile picture

A free alternative to Generate Photos is Face Studio.

It offers fewer settings and features, but it gets the job done. You can select gender, age group, and ethnicity. This is if you use the main settings only.

Advanced settings are also available so that you can manipulate other variables. However, these settings can be used only if you have a paid plan subscription.

There’s also a seeding feature. This allows you to create multiple outputs with matched AI model behavior.

Face Studio provides API access, which can be interesting if you’re a developer.

Basic features are freeAdvanced features are only for paying users
Seeding features are availableOutput can contain mistakes
API access is availableYou’ll probably have to use another tool to fine-tune photos for profile picture

6. ThisPersonDoesNotExist

ThisPersonDoesNotExist AI for linkedin profile picture

ThisPersonDoesNotExist is one of the veterans in AI profile picture generation.

There’s no user interface. The only way to generate a new photo is to refresh the page.

Moreover, ThisPersonDoesNotExist is entirely free to use!

Still, you can’t customize or adjust anything – it just generates faces.

Free to useNo user interface
Unlimited face generationNo advanced options
Decent output qualityYou can’t provide input for face generation
You’ll probably have to use another tool to fine-tune photos for profile picture

How To Create a LinkedIn Profile Picture with AI

It’s time to learn how to use one of these tools. I’ll go with my favorite, Profile Pic Maker:

  1. Head to Profile Picture Maker and hit the Upload Photo button.
    Profile Picture Maker upload photo
  2. Select a photo from your PC.
  3. Click on the Shape dropdown and select Rounded Corners.
    Although LinkedIn profile pictures are displayed as round, using rounded corner ones is recommended.
    Profile Picture Maker rounded corners
  4. Select a suitable photo and hit the green download button.
    Profile Picture Maker download suitable

You can also create variations of the photo you’ve uploaded!

  1. Select the AI Profile Pic Maker option.
    Profile Picture Maker AI pic
  2. Choose your gender.
    Profile Picture Maker gender select
  3. Select Professional / LinkedIn preset.
    You’ll have to select 15, but ensure you select this one.
    Profile Picture Maker LinkedIn Professional

I’ve focused on realistic profile picture tools. If you’re after something else, check the list of best AI-powered face generators.

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Profile Pic Maker is the best AI for LinkedIn profile picture generator I’ve used. The user interface is easy to navigate, and the output is generated almost instantly. The other solutions on this list can also deliver satisfying results, especially if you spend time tweaking settings.

Remember, LinkedIn might ask you for a face verification at some point. You might run into trouble if you have created an AI profile picture from scratch. On the other hand, if you have used AI to manipulate an existing photo (of yourself), there shouldn’t be any issues.

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