Just when you thought BMW owners couldn’t be more infatuated with their cars, they’ll soon be interacting with the car on a personal level.

Microsoft are designing a multi-modal Intelligent Personal Assistant for BMW, using an open-source platform.  The Microsoft Azure-powered BMW Open Mobility Cloud, combined with artificial intelligence technology, will constantly enhance the personal assistant’s capabilities to interact with users.

“Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator built on Azure provides the necessary technological basis, leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud and AI capabilities such as Bot Framework and Cognitive Services.”

The Intelligent Personal Assistant will soon perform more complex tasks than climate control.  You can soon use the voice-controlled personal assistant to safely manage e-mails and calendar appointments while you’re driving.

To make an appointment with a BMW dealership, you’ll be able to just ask your “co-driver” to book it for you.  The AI assistant will arrange the whole appointment, and finish a reminder of when service is due.

The system is constantly expanding its capabilities as part of regular updates, so the aforementioned features are yet to be developed even further.

Check out a quick introduction to the updated AI technology below.