AI Balda – new word game for Windows Phone


18, 2012

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“Balda” – is a classic board game with words. The game is equipped with good graphics and easy gameplay. Select an opponent and turn on the brain.


  • English and Russian interfaces;
  • Russian (11,600 entries) and English (3674 words) dictionaries;
  • Sound effects and vibration;
  • Save and Load last game for each language;
  • Three levels of difficulty;
  • A game of two players on one device;
  • Timer stroke;
  • Used in the game words are always on the screen;
  • Easy to add letters.
  • games online (soon)

How to play: in the center of the field (5 of 5 cells) is a word of five letters.

Contestants take turns adding to the word of one letter, so that new words are formed. Permitted direction of making the words: left, right, up, down.

It can be only common nouns in the initial form of nouns – singular, nominative case.

For each letter in the new word player gets a point.


The game continues to fill the entire playing field. The game will be completed ahead of schedule, if the players can not think of a word.

The winner is the player with the most points, but he loses if three consecutive times before the end of the course did not invent the word.

Title: AI Balda

Price: $2.99

Find the game in Marketplace here.

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