A look at Chromecast apps for Windows Phone

Best Chromecast Apps on Windows Phone

With Chromecast dongles hitting lows of $18 these last few days they make for a pretty compelling video streamer, if of course you had an app for them.

Google is of course never going to deliver for Windows Phone, but in the mean time at least 3 Windows Phone developers have stepped into the breach.

Gerudo Tech have posted the above video looking at 3 Windows Phone contenders.

The most basic is Tube Cast, the first Windows Phone app which let you cast YouTube videos to the dongle.  It has never been developed beyond version 1.0, but still does an adequate if basic job.  Find it here.

The next is an app I have not heard of before – Cloud for Chromecast, which lets you broadcast items from your Onedrive to the Chromecast, including videos, photos and music. The app is free, but a Pro version with Dropbox and Google Drive support is being planned. Find it here.

The last is Tubecast, which is a very professional and sophisticated YouTube app with support for DLNA, Apple Play, Chromecast and much more, and which is worth every cent of its in-app charges. Find that app, with its free trial, in the windows phone store here.

Have our readers tried out any of these solutions? Let us know your experience below.