A demo of Miracast on the Nokia Lumia 630 (video)



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Windows Phone 8.1 Miracast Wireless Display Demo

One of the niftiest new features on Windows Phone 8.1 is support for screen streaming via Miracast.

FoneArena uploaded this video demonstrating the feature in action.

The app appears to be able to project any content, including games and video, with very little latency, making it a very versatile feature, and with the Action Centre offering a Quick Action for Project my Screen I suspect this is a feature which will see a lot of use.

Micracast will likely be available in all new mid-range to high-end Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and will also come to the Nokia Lumia 1520 in a firmware update.

Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a Surface-branded Miracast dongle, which will enable older TVs to accept Miracast connections, but an adaptor like the Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display Adaptor, which is $57 on Amazon (used in the video), appears to offer a good alternative already.

Are any of our readers looking forward to this feature? Let us know below.

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