A day with the Nokia Lumia 830: The Good, the Bad and the issues we faced


Since our review unit arrived in my hands, I posted a review on it yesterday and many of you seemed to enjoy it and gave great feedback on it.

Today I am back with another part of the review, that is “A day with the Nokia Lumia 830”. In this review, we went through a regular day with those regular “problems” and “issues” that we face like having to text in a moving vehicle, etc.

I started off the day with a 100% battery charge early at 10am and put it through gaming tests, video recording, taking pictures, downloading apps, debugging my apps (like Metro-Gen) and many more!

The Good

After some extensive daily use, starting from a 100% charged battery, the phone is currently at 31% (at night) which is amazing for a device of this class.

This data does not officially change or affect our yesterday's review Battery Test data.


We put the phone through some gaming too by running Total Conquest (download link can be found here), Asphalt OverDrive (download link can be found here) and Asphalt 8: Airbourne (download link can be found here).

The phone seems pretty great in handling these games, though we experienced some heating of the device, but there was a few occasions of lag that did not affect much of the gameplay.

Since the phone is 5.5 inches tall, it may seem a bit “awkward” to hold in one hand and use it in a moving vehicle, but let me tell you, it worked and passed those tests like a beast. (though the phone is hard to put in the pocket while sitting)

Today, I accidentally dropped the phone (from a height of 5 feet) while in a hurry, but the phone is doing great with no marks or scratches on the display (although we do not have a screen protector). During the drop, I noticed a loose screen issue on the phone which I fixed in a matter of minutes using a tiny bit of industrial glue in the gap (if you do not have it, I would suggest going for a replacement)

The bad

Now that we have covered the good about the phone, let’s go over the bad of the device.

Firstly, the phone’s screen (or glass) became loose on dropping, but I had this issue ever since the original unboxing of the phone. I fixed it by just using a bit of industrial glue on the “ledges” in the phone’s internals (its where the original glue was applied during manufacturing)

Secondly, the phone sometimes tends to heat up a bit during heavy and extensive use which we feel is a issue for  a phone (if its happening during charging, we don’t blame the phone of course.)

Thirdly, we noticed that Cortana activated randomly (not the “Hey Cortana” thing) which we felt annoying especially while watching Metro-Tube (download link can be found here) or while browsing the WMPowerUser webpage.

Overall performance

The overall performance of a phone of this range is extremely “decent” or more towards the great side (some Android phones perform much better, but don’t blame the cheaper chipset)

We saw games loading faster on the device than on other phones due to its better “quad-core” chip architecture of the S400 Cortex-A7 and the newer Adreno 305 GPU.

If you are still waiting on a feedback on the Nokia Lumia 830 before you go pick it up in a store, then you should definitely go and grab it as all of the team at WMPowerUser love this phone alongside the “flagship” Nokia Lumia 930.

See my yesterday’s review here.

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