The leak, which gives us a glimpse at what 2K games is working on, first appeared on Reddit and has since been verified by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier to confirm its accuracy. 

Detailing several projects in the work and their associated codenames, this is one hell of a leak, especially considering that according to Schreier, not all of it is going to be announced at E3. 

The game we’re most likely to be seeing at the 2K Games’ segment of Take-Two Interactive’s Monday E3 conference from the leak is NBA 2K22, as E3 would hardly be complete without the regular sportsball announcements. 

According to the leak, another title rumoured to be at this years E3 is a new Borderlands game the leak calls “Wonderlands: Codename Daffodil” which reportedly a spinoff featuring Tiny Tina. With Gearbox trademarking “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” recently, it’s definitely real, so hopefully, we’ll see the reveal soon.

A new Firaxis game codenamed “CODA” is also in the work behind the scenes at 2K, which is reportedly a new turn-based action game using Marvel characters. Described as “XCOM with Marvel heroes” by the leakers scourses, with some series actors said to be reprising their roles, it’s one to be excited for. 

Lastly, the leak also revealed a title codenamed “Volt”. This game is reportedly very early in development, with a logo “similar to the Fallout-Logo,” which is described as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row.” 

As rumours alone, these leaks would be intriguing but with Jason Schreier verifying and confirming the leaks by saying “Yes this 2K leak is real,” it looks like we have a whole lot to get actually excited for from 2K Games.