14 games will support mouse and keyboard support including Fortnite, War Thunder and DayZ


10, 2018

Xbox’s Keyboard and Mouse support is coming, and it will come with 14 games to support the new feature.

All keyboard and mouse players will only play with other keyboard and mouse players, outside of any co-operative modes. Here are all the games that will support Xbox Mouse and Keyboard. Have a look at the full list below:

Bomber Crew
Children of Morta
Minion Master
Strange Brigade
Deep Rock Galactic
Warhammer Vermintide 2
Vigor – Xbox Game Preview
War Thunder
X-Morph Defence

Phil Spencer Announces X018 and Mouse & Keyboard Support

Xbox’s Keyboard and Mouse support is also being heralded by Razer. The company will be making a keyboard and mouse combo specifically designed for use with Xbox One. Razer’s use of LEDs in literally everything will come into play here with dynamic LED keys reacting to the games you play. (This will require developers to program every single key.) Ideas that were shared were the ability to have a pulsating health bar on your keyboard or light up a certain key when your co-op buddy is down. Cool stuff.

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