Zoom reportedly wants to take on Microsoft with Email and Calendar app

by Surur
December 23, 2020

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Zoom has rocketed to popularity on the strength of their video conferencing system, but with strong competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google the company has seen the light, and are looking to offer a more full service.

The Information reports Zoom is working on an email service to offer alongside their video conferencing app.

The service would not simply be an email client but would offer a “next-generation” service, though what exactly this means was not explained.

The company is reportedly also working on a calendar app, but this is more uncertain.

The email app service may arrive in a “very early” version in 2021.

Zoom is of course competing with a do-all app in the form of Microsoft Teams, and an app that is deeply integrated into Google’s services with Google Meet.

With Zoom being increasingly displaced in the enterprise by Microsoft Teams, the company needs to move rapidly to consolidate its early fortune.

via Engadget.

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