ZeroGPT Review: Is It Effective in AI Text Detection?

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ZeroGPT review

This detailed ZeroGPT review will help you discover whether it’s worth your time and subscriptions as a student or a professional.

I’ll discuss its features, how to use it, pricing, and more. 

Let’s get started.

What Is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is a versatile tool that can identify AI-generated text in all languages. It’s suitable for students, tutors, professionals, or anyone who needs to verify the source of a text.

You can also create blogs, summarize sentences and paragraphs, paraphrase, check grammar, and count words and characters.


Below are some of the major ZeroGPT features: 

Detects AI Text

ZeroGPT AI detector

ZeroGPT’s main function is to scan your text and tell if it is AI-generated. It has two options: you can paste the text or upload a file like Copyleaks. It’ll detect the number of characters you have scanned and show if the content is human-written or AI-generated.

The Upload button allows you to add multiple files at once, and they’ll be checked automatically on the dashboard. All AI-written content will be highlighted in yellow. I created a short blog about laptops on ChatGPT and pasted it.

It’s detected as 100% AI written.

ZeroGPT AI detector results

AI ZeroChat-4 & 5

AI ZeroChat-4 & 5

ZeroGPT has Al ZeroChat-4 & 5 to help you consult on any topic or ask it to explain any complex matter, unlike GPTZero. It chats like a real human similar to ChatGPT. I asked it about the current winter and it gave out an opinion.

AI ZeroChat-4 & 5 conversation

My second request was to write a short blog about laptops, and it did well. However, it had no subtopics for the whole blog.

AI ZeroChat-4 & 5 blog


ZeroGPT summarizer

Thanks to its summarizer feature, ZeroGPT can shorten any sentence or paragraph in seconds. Scribbr also has a similar feature with length adjustment but it has no option for style.

You can summarize 1,500-word content to the number of words you prefer in text style or bullet points. Also, the feature allows you to select the length of the summarized text. I tried it out with a paragraph of 64 words and set a 30% length. The result was a 16-word sentence.

ZeroGPT Summarizer texts


ZeroGPT Paraphraser

If a paragraph doesn’t sound right or you want to rewrite the whole text without losing its meaning, ZeroGPT has a feature for that. The paraphraser can rewrite up to 300 words, unlike Quillbot which accommodates 125 words on a free account. You can select a tone like Formal, Doctor, teenager, and more.

I tried paraphrasing a 64-word paragraph about laptops and the results were fairly good.

ZeroGPT Paraphrased text

Grammar Checker

ZeroGPT Grammar Checker

The Grammar and Spell Checker tool can examine your English grammar for refinement. It detects grammatical errors, spelling, and punctuation within your written content, ensuring accuracy and clarity like Reverso.

I tried making a paragraph grammatically incorrect to test if the feature works and the results were positive. 

ZeroGPT grammer checked

Word Counter

ZeroGPT word counter

With Word Counter, you can trust the accuracy of your word and character count. There’s no need for manual counting or estimates. It operates similarly to GoTranscript except that GoTranscript doesn’t count characters and sentences.

The tool updates instantly as you type or paste content, making it useful for adhering to word limits in assignments, articles, or social media posts. This feature shows you the reading level, time, and speaking duration for a specific paragraph.

ZeroGPT words counted

How To Use ZeroGPT

Follow the below steps to start using ZeroGPT:

  1. Go to the official ZeroGPT website and tap on the My Account button.
ZeroGPT website
  1. Create an account using your Google account or add your registration email and password, then tap Login.
ZeroGPT login
  1. You’ll be directed to subscription plans. Tap the purchase button and add your billing information to continue. 
ZeroGPT pricing
  1. Paste the text you want to check in the box, then tap “Detect Text.” Your results will appear below.
ZeroGPT text box

But, how much does it cost?


ZeroGPT Pricing

ZeroGPT has 3 main pricing. They include:

  • Free – $0/month
  • Pro – $9.99/month
  • Max – $26.99/month.

The free plan offers users 15,000 characters per AI detection and 5 batch file checks. You can also access the history of your detections and 1,000 prompts in ZeroCHAT-4.

For the Pro, you pay $9.99 monthly and access every feature available in the free version, with additional ones like 100,000 characters per Al detection and 30 batch file checks. This plan also doesn’t run ads and offers 2,000 prompts in ZeroCHAT-4.

The Max plan also has all the features available in the Pro version with 75 batch file checks and 3,500 prompts in ZeroCHAT-4.

ZeroGPT Api Business Plans

ZeroGPT also has Api Business plans where the Beginner version is $0.034/100 words, Pro ($0.049/100 words), and VIP ($0.069/1000 words).

ZeroGPT Review – Verdict

Overall, Zero’s AI detection accurately flagged my ChatGPT-written content and could summarize paragraphs and sentences within seconds. Also, its grammar checker feature didn’t disappoint.

However, the paraphraser only allowed 300 words per session. Hopefully, this ZeroGPT review has managed to shed some light on this service.

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