How To Make AI Text Undetectable With Ease

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How to Make AI Text Undetectable

Wondering how to make AI text undetectable? Look no further! 

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use AI to create text that blends seamlessly with human writing. Let’s roll in!

How To Make AI Text Undetectable

The best way to make AI text undetectable is by using tools that remove patterns, words, and phrases from your text that make it sound AI-generated. 

These tools use advanced machine learning and NLP techniques like text augmentation and sentence restructuring to erase any traces of AI.

1. HIX Bypass

Hix Bypass

HIX Bypass excels in removing robotic language and repetitiveness from your AI text. 

Moreover, this tool is designed to pass checks by a multitude of AI detectors, making it a versatile solution for diverse content strategies. For instance, the company claims it can effectively bypass well-known detectors like Copyleaks, Content at Scale, ZeroGPT, Turnitin, and more. 

Apart from that, HIX Bypass offers a clean and user-friendly interface. It has a simple three-step process: enter text, press “Humanize,” and you’re done!

Also, another good thing I noticed in HIX Bypass is it maintains the original intent of the content. It also commits to 100% plagiarism-free content.

Ensures natural language flow in contentStruggles with highly specialized or niche topics
Bypasses multiple AI detectorsLimited customization options for specific preferences
Simple three-step process
Helps with SEO-optimizing content

2. StealthGPT


StealthGPT is a leading AI tool designed to generate undetectable content.

It’s a paid tool with different plans. The pricing starts at $14.99 per month, with a beginner plan that includes a 100,000-word limit. Pro and exclusive plans are also in place for $19.99 and $29.99 per month, respectively. These plans offer different levels of undetectability and customization options.  

Moreover, StealthGPT provides a 7-day free trial and unlimited usage.

StealthGPT’s commitment to user privacy and its continuous updates and improvements further improve its appeal. 

Advanced machine learning for high-quality contentA bit pricey for undetectable AI tools
Constant updatesLimited user experience
Customization options for various needs
7-day free trial

3. BypassGPT

Bypass GPT

BypassGPT is yet another undetectable AI writing tool that offers flexible monthly and annual pricing plans. These start from at $10 per month for 20,000 words. Its sliding scale option allows for humanization of up to 500,000 words per month at around $52. 

BypassGPT effectively rewrites content undetectably to make it suitable for various users. These include both students and professionals.

However, BypassGPT’s free version has limited features, and the paid plans are a bit expensive for some users. 

Industry-leading humanization technologyNot that effective with complex topics
Ideal for students and professionals
Flexible monthly and annual pricing plans

4. UndetectableAI

Undetectable AI

UndetectableAI offers 250 free words for you to test the platform upon registration.

It has a flexible pricing model that lets you pay based on your specific word count needs. Moreover, it offers features like email support, writing level matching, and high-quality, legible content.

Apart from that, testing your content for AI detection is effortless. With a simple copy and paste, Undetectable AI categorizes AI likelihood based on color-coded indicators. Red signals 0% human, Orange indicates 50%, and Green assures 100% human-like content. 

This tool also offers the ‘Humanize’ feature to add a human touch and customize tone, readability, and purpose.

You can pay based on specific word count needsLearning curve for beginners
Registration provides a 250-word free trial
‘Humanize’ feature allows customization for tone and readability
Plans include email support, writing level matching, and more

5. Bypass AI

Bypass AI

Bypass AI is designed to make your AI-generated output (say ChatGPT-written content) undetectable by various detection tools. 

What sets Bypass AI apart is that it offers advanced text humanization algorithms to effectively make your AI text sound natural. Also, it offers a user-friendly interface with a streamlined two-box setup.

It also lets you humanize up to 1,000 words of AI text for free to test its abilities. But on the flip side, Bypass AI is a bit pricey, especially if you plan on using it frequently. 

Ensures AI text sounds natural and human-likeRelatively pricey, especially for frequent use
Two-box setup for easy navigation
Lets you test its humanization capabilities at no cost

6. AcademicHelp’s Paraphraser

Academichelp Paraphraser

AcademicHelp’s Paraphrasing Tool is particularly useful in SEO optimization where AI-flagged content poses concerns.

This paraphrasing tool efficiently rephrases and rewrites AI-generated text. It identifies and modifies common AI-like expressions, sentences, and vocabulary.

That said, you can seamlessly integrate your content by pasting it into the input box or directly uploading text files. It achieves these transformations while preserving the original meaning of the content.

Streamlines the process of paraphrasing AI-generated textMany advanced features require paid version
Offers various styles for document tone alignment
Simple input options for ease of use

7. WriteHuman


WriteHuman is a robust content rewriter that removes patterns from your AI text that make it detectable.

It’s compatible with AI content generators like ChatGPT and Bard and supports content submission on platforms like Turnitin and ZeroGPT without triggering alarms. 

The tool offers flexible pricing plans to cater to diverse user needs and includes a free trial for exploration. 

The plans range from Basic at $8 per month to Ultra at $32 per month.

Removes patterns making text undetectableRequires a subscription for full access
Works seamlessly with ChatGPT and BardFree trial has usage restrictions
Bypasses detectors like Turnitin

8. GPTinf


GPTinf is a dynamic tool specifically crafted to rephrase AI-generated content. GPTinf effectively evades detection by AI plagiarism detectors like GPTZero.

Though occasional grammatical errors arise from time to time, the tool continuously improves. Moreover, what sets GPTinf apart is its efficiency in text rephrasing without resorting to font tricks, grammatical errors, or non-English symbols. 

Tailored for content creators, researchers, and students, GPTinf is available via API and offers a free trial. Pricing starts at $12 per month for the basic plan covering 10,000 words. There’s also an even more economical annual subscription at $8 for the same word count.

Uses advanced algorithms for undetectable modificationsMonthly subscription starting at $12 for full access
The tool evolves over timePricing tied to the number of words
Rephrases text without font tricks or errors
Tailored for content creators, researchers, and students

How To Hide AI-Generated Text?

In this example, I’ll use HIX Bypass to make AI text undetectable. 

Simply carry out these steps:

  • Visit HIX Bypass’s website.
  • Copy and paste your AI-generated text in the “Your Content” section and click “Humanize.” In this example, I copy-pasted a paragraph written using ChatGPT. 
Click Humanize
  • A pop-up will appear, prompting you to sign up to test the tool. I chose “Continue with Google” to sign up. 
Sign Up
  • Once you’ve signed up and logged in, click “Humanize” again.
  • Wait for a minute or so to see the human-sounding output. 

You can now copy-paste the output into an AI detector to see if it detects your AI-written text. There’s a high chance it won’t flag it as AI-written. 

Make AI Text Undetectable Without Tools

One great way to write undetectable AI content is by pulling information from various outlets such as news articles and blog posts. 

Say you’re using an AI chatbot tool like ChatGPT or Bard to write the content. Be sure to provide it with diverse information to write up. This way, the originality and credibility of your AI content will greatly improve. 

Another great thing you can try is to ask your AI tool to use natural-sounding phrases and steer clear of overly technical terms. Moreover, you can also manually edit content later and use synonyms to make your AI text undetectable. 

Apart from that, it’s always worth adding a personal touch by incorporating experiences, anecdotes, or adopting a first-person perspective. This makes your content more relatable and authentic. 

So, now you know how to make AI text undetectable. The most convenient solution is to use a tool like HIX Bypass and StealthGPT. Tools like these are specifically designed to bypass AI detectors.

But that’s not your only option – you can use different prompts that add personal experiences, natural-sounding phrases, or a first-person perspective.

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