YouTube’s new tool help creators see if their videos are stolen


12, 2018

Google is protecting YouTube content makers with a new tool known as Copyright Match. This tool will be rolling to creators which have more than 100, 000 subscribers from next week, it will be aimed at protecting their

“Today we are excited to announce the new Copyright Match tool, which is designed to find re-uploads of your content on other channels.” Google’s Fabio Magagna explained this week, “Here’s how it works: after you upload a video, YouTube will scan other videos uploaded to YouTube to see if any of them are the same or very similar. When there is a match, it will appear in the “matches” tab in the tool and you can decide what to do next.”

Actions content creators can take range from the mundane like doing nothing, to contacting the person who’s made the duplicate for some sort of clarification, or asking YouTube to remove the copy wholesale.

YouTue will only consider the first person who uploaded the video on their platform as the original creator, so a video created and posted on Facebook and Vimeo could be stolen and run undetected with this tool though you will presumably have the ability to report it for infringement regardless.

This tool will be rolling out next week to eligible creators.

Source: Google via The Verge

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