YouTube mini-player now available on the web, and it works in Edge too



YouTube has been testing their mini-player since March in A/B testing, and starting yesterday has started rolling out the feature widely to most users.

The feature is available by clicking on the icon next to the Settings gear, and reduced the video to an overlay window tethered to the right bottom corner of your screen.

The window is not resizable. Clicking the mini-player button takes you back to the earlier page, or if you went to a video directly to the YouTube homepage.

Unfortunately, the window is confined to the web page but does continue playing when you open another tab.

The feature is rolling out widely now, but it seems not all users have it yet. Surprisingly the feature also works with the Edge browser, which would be a change for Google.

Do our readers find the mini-player useful, despite not being able to float outside the browser window? Let us know below.


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