YouTube for Android no longer allows you to tap the seek bar to skip video

by Rahul
October 20, 2020

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Google has made an important change in YouTube app on Android. YouTube Android app will no longer let you to skip forward or backward just by taping on the seek bar. The feature is already available on the YouTube iOS app and now with the Android app getting the same feature, YouTube experience is now more consistent across platforms.

Instead of tapping on the seek bar, you’ll now need to tab and slide your finger to quickly skip forward or backward to get to specific points in a video. This feature will save users from accidentally tapping on the seek bar, which sometime can ruin the content viewing experience. On the flip side, the ability to skip forward quickly is now gone, and the new way of doing it requires more effort.

YouTube Seek bar

As you may have already known, YouTube also lets you skip forward or backward in 10-second increments. Apart from that, you also have a new way to skip forward or backward to specific points.

The change is rolling out via a server a side update, meaning don’t need to go to the Google Play Store and update the app to see the change —you’ll see the change when Google makes it available for you.

The change was first spotted by AndroidPolice.

via 9to5google

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